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Night-time is the Right Time with Newcastle Escorts!

Scenic Newcastle holds much to discover for the intrepid traveller. Founded, accidentally in fact, by Lieutenant Shortland in the early 18th century, it’s now your turn to get to know Newcastle and, if we may be so bold as to suggest – Newcastle escorts.



Spoil yourself by letting them utilise their abundant skills to spoil you. However, we understand that prescription is easier said than done – unless one happens to have access to – and democratic access for the discerning lover of escorts is what is all about. By deferring to us, a once complex process is demystified and you get instant access to the very best, and critically, most trusted and reliable, escorts in this great city.

Hot Independent Escorts in Newcastle

Escorts in Newcastle of every variety, and to suit every taste, are covered – female, male, transsexual, it’s all here. As an online directory, we’re not ashamed to say our dedication to our work in unparalleled. Browse through the profiles of independent freelancers, agencies and brothels alike. Further to our listings being 100% valid, we verify all aspects of legitimacy and veracity, so you can rest assured that when you make your selection, any such potential impediments to you having a good time with independent escorts in Newcastle have been long since summarily dismissed; and at, we’re only becoming an increasingly comprehensive resource for our clients: details regarding services offered, rates, accessibility, capacity for negotiation, photographs, and key physical qualities are generally included (or can otherwise be easily accessed).

It’s been said that night-time is the right time to be with the one you love, but in the words of the immortal Tina Turner, “What’s love got to do with it?” Here at, the twilight hours are for the unleashing of one’s hidden taboos, those innermost fantasies we keep well-coiled during the daylight hours; and exploration of such fantasies is certainly part of the escort process, as well as something that can be discussed with our escorts well before any commitment with our Newcastle call girls need be made – all facilitated by

Most gorgeous escorts and verified brothels are waiting for you !

Of course, when dealing with such capable professionals, there are some general codes of conduct that one should be mindful of, but which really correspond moreso with common sense – something we know our client base is resplendent with. For instance:

  • Don’t be ashamed about your needs and desires and express them clearly before making any fixed commitment. We can just about guarantee you won’t be suggesting anything they haven’t heard before!
  • Of course, don’t attempt to re-negotiate price once a fixed price has been committed to.
  • Hygiene is paramount. In listing the best of the best when it comes to these lovely ladies of Newcastle, proper hygiene is something you can expect – so we’re sure it’s something you’ll be more than happy to provide, also.
  • Arriving for your appointment under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs may be a big no-no. Certain agencies, brothels, and freelancers may be open to sharing a glass or two of champagne for example, but there’s nothing distinguishing about showing up all sloppy and ‘pre-fortified’.


As you can see, it’s all basic common sense – something which can, on occasion, elude the very best of us. That said, there isn’t a single step along the way that need be stressful – from that first conclusive decision to visit and source the escort suited just to your individual needs – right down to the, shall we say, explosive consummation. What should otherwise be a healthy sense of anticipation can degenerate in to a source of stress and anxiety for others – but if you simply breathe and take a moment to marvel at this miraculous age we live in, where such satisfying transactions can be facilitated so rapidly and conveniently, you’ll no doubt find yourself once more red hot and ready to go – with your chosen escort in tow!

For far too long, the avenues to such luxurious experiences of professionally provided eroticism were too often back alleys and advice in the form of ‘word of mouth’. values our clients, and far more critically than that, respects and appreciates them – as we do our call girls in Newcastle. We seek to put the elegance back in to the world’s oldest and dare most vital professions.

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