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       1.  What is and how does it work?

            ⇒ is and online portal dedicated to escort and brothel service providers in Australia.

            ⇒ We research and list the top 6 escort service providers for every Australian city.

            ⇒ Selected service providers on our portal receive huge exposure to a highly targeted potential customer 


            ⇒ We employ a variety methods to attract high quality traffic to every city’s page on our site.

            ⇒ Visitors make direct contact with their chosen service provider by utilising their contact details provided

                 on our portal.


       2.  Who can advertise with us?

                 If you are an independent escort, brothel or escort agency then you may apply to be listed on our site.


       3.  Why should I advertise with you?

            ⇒ is a leading escort portal within Australia with thousands of unique visitors every day for   

                each city.

            ⇒ We list only six service providers for every city, so you’ll be promoted as one of the top six service

                providers in your city. There are not reams of other service providers for potential customers to wade

                through, as is the case with other online escort directories - beneficial for both the service provider (all 

                exposure going to the six service provider listed, meaning a significantly higher number of leads) and

                the visitors (who otherwise may find themselves confused as to which service provider to choose).

            ⇒ Every service provider receives equal exposure as the listings or our site are auto-rotating each time the

                page is refreshed.

            ⇒ We use many proven methods to attract quality traffic to our site, so after receiving your listing on our

                site, you need not waste your precious time and hard earned money on other advertising methods and

                can focus on customer service.

            ⇒ Quick and effective support is always available to you, as well as assist your clients with anything

                related to your listings.


       4.  Terms of working with us:

                We believe in developing fruitful, long term working relationships, so we are interested in working only  

                with those clients looking to take their business to the next level. You have our assurance that we’ll

                never let down our end of the relationship, but what we expect in return is maintenance of the quality of

                your service to clients – so that when we promote your business as one of the very best, we can do so

                in clear conscience.


       5.  I want to work with you but there doesn’t appear to be available space for my city ?

                Please contact us as we also list sponsored ads on the right hand side of our pages.


       6. What is your verification process and terms?

                We commit to our visitors that the services providers on our site are the top six in their respective

                cities, and are 100% genuine; therefore:

             ⇒ All the images provided by you must be real and of high quality.

             ⇒ You must provide all the services that you promote on our site.

             ⇒ Your contact details must be accurate.

             ⇒ You must be available to respond to customer enquiries promptly.

             ⇒ Your listed rates must be accurate.

                 We verify our clients via several methods, e.g., one image of the chief service provider via web cam

                 holding up their signature, or a short video in which we can clearly see that the face in the video 

                 matches the face in their photograph(s).


       7.  Is it necessary to show my face in my pics ?

                 No, it is not necessary to show your face. However, such pics must be of you, and to verify that, you

                 will  need to send us one of your pics, signed by you, or alternatively, come on to video chat, or send 

                 us a short video showing your face (none of which would be posted on the site).


       8.  What are the charges and how to apply to be listed on

                 Rates vary from city to city and according to length of commitment. Please contact us through any of

                 the methods listed below or click here to fill the verification form and discuss your options.


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