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Melbourne Escorts: The Perfect Feast in the Gourmet City

Melbourne is world-renowned for its fashion and arts precincts, along with being a global hub of fine dining. Cosmopolitan to the max, Australia’s southern-most city is adorned with trendy bistros, picturesque parklands, and idyllic tree-lined boulevards.




With all this in mind, only the perfect companion could provide the appropriate side-dish to this most perfect of cities. Do we sound a little biased? Well, we are! When it comes to the city of Melbourne itself, and escorts in Melbourne, for that matter. Being not a mere directory, but the only reliable source of the top escorts, escort agencies and brothels for each of our selected cities, we can confidently invite you to sample the wares of Melbourne’s finest – and should you be anything other than blown away, we want to hear about it. Needless to say, as with all our listings nation-wide, all adult service providers are thoroughly vetted by us and therefore verified 100% legitimate, so you can move on with the more stimulating phases of the process.  

Sites that act as simple directories of escorts, escort agencies, brothels and the like have their place and we appreciate their work – nay, we salute them for it! But we at cater to more of a niche market. If you are after a truly premium experience with Melbourne escorts and don’t have the time or inclination to wade through the many listings of those that may not necessarily provide a true top-shelf escort experience, then we are for you. While we do offer choice and variety, our modus operandei is focusing on only the most exquisite young ladies in this wonderful city, and all those that we choose to feature at From a companion to stroll through the National Gallery and a sip a latte with, to an untamed young vixen who will positively rock your socks, we have absolutely zero hesitation is saying that they can do it all.

Our escorts in Melbourne are everything you need to make your day/night special

Independent escorts in Melbourne are likely to bring out the wild one in you, too. While discretion is paramount among all the providers of sexy adult services whom we choose to highlight, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be wanting to proclaim it from the rooftops. Our reputation means everything to us, so if your experience doesn’t marry up with our bold claims, by all means let us know!

Another aspect of our business that we pride ourselves on is attempting to de-stigmatise the procuring of escorts and escort-related services. They represent and service a need inherent in all of us, and frankly, inherent to what it means be human! And we’ll never shy away from that or take anything but pride in our promotion of it. If you’re a busy professional, not inclined towards a relationship at this stage of your life, harbour a disability, or simply find yourself lonesome in the big city, there could nothing more natural than engaging the services of someone who knows their way around the business of supplying the right kind of affection for your needs; and to the ladies, men, and transgendered individuals comprising independent escorts who both supply and engage these services, we tip our cap.

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Of course, for some, particularly first-timers, the actual act of making first contact with the providers of such services can be a shade intimidating; and that’s ok. We encourage harnessing that nervous energy and channelling in to excitement – keep your end goal in mind; and take our word for it, you’ve no request private girls in Melbourne haven’t heard before.  

All the while, we’ll be here, to field your feedback, concerns, ideas for site/service improvement, enquiries, and requests for advice. But remember that the service providers on our site, being the very best in their field as they are, are every bit as amenable to such enquiries, and can of course deal with the specifics of your intimate and/or sexual needs. However, if this is all starting to sound a bit clinical, perhaps it’s time you got down to the kinkier side of this whole wicked escapade and start checking out our Girls in Melbourne for yourself. Only then can you get a sense of the raunch and rapture that a night with them can offer.

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