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Escorts in Townsville: One of Our Forgotten Gems! When it comes to call girls in Townsville, freelance escorts, escort agencies, and brothels. You could say we have it all.


A humble superstar on this great, epic island that is our home country of Australia, Townsville does, in fact, play host to no shortage of attractions and adventure – and to our admittedly filthy minds – Townsville escorts are chief among them. Let us clear, though: our role here at is not simply to list them for you (judicious research alone could accomplish that eventually), but to distil the six very best, the most exquisite, unique and sumptuously talented of Townsville’s scene when it comes to call girls in Townsville, freelance escorts, escort agencies, and brothels. You could say we have it all. We say we have the very best.


Filtering, for you, only the best of the best – be it for Townsville or any of our other selected cities – means that you can rest easy in the knowledge that the hard work has already been done for you, and all that remains are the basic administrative formalities of getting in touch with your escort of agency, arranging the most appropriate payment terms and service type, and then letting nature run its wild and kinky course! With 100% verified (and therefore 100% verifiable, for any inquiring minds out there) listings consisting of only the six very best performers or best performing organisations, we want to carry the heavy load of all the organisational BS for you – life is simply too short to bog yourself down in it when the name of the game is to get down with it!


Living in the idyllic surrounds of sunny and picturesque Townsville may have something to do with the abundant talents of sexy girls in Townsville (or is there something in the water, perhaps?). As a destination, the location simply breeds satisfaction – so with that in mind, why just cast your net and see what the tide brings in when it comes to Townsville call girls? We may be just a tad biased, but we would say that when a resource such as presents itself – at absolutely no charge whatsoever, mind you – take advantage of it...lest you find yourself reeling in a few old boots and some rather pungent seaweed! Stick to the catch of the day – or all six of them, as the case may be here at


The screening, verification, and quality control processes involved in putting together our listings of freelance escorts, escort agencies, and brothels are rigorous and demanding – we will admit that. But when your name is and you rank only the top six, the six best of the best, you had better be rigorous and demanding in screening the professionals in adult services that you are choosing to present to your valued customers/visitors! Also, we wouldn’t necessarily presume it is either just sex, or even sex at all, that you are after. Sometimes one’s needs can be rather more complex than that, and that’s why we make connecting with the escort/agency/brothel who has caught your ear or piqued your interest as easy as pie (‘waaaaaaaarm apple pie’ – sorry, we just can’t help ourselves when a movie reference presents itself like that!). Or if the occasionally inclement weather of Townsville happens to have stirred some very specific and intense desires within you, then you may just as readily be after a true tropical cyclone between the sheets!


Some say we only get one life to live, some say otherwise, maybe invoking matters of damnation, salvation, karma, reward, the list is just about endless. The fact is, nobody really knows what comes next, so we simply are left with only one option that makes a shred of sense – live for today. Do you really think you’d put off engaging the services of the finest escorts in Townsville if you were truly living for today? We think not. As humans, our chief instincts beyond survival itself, is to flee from pain, and to seek out pleasure; and so, to that end, and from the depths of our admittedly one track minds, those facts would send us hurtling in to the arms of the finest escorts, escort agencies, and brothels that Townsville has to offer. Let’s face it, you’ve got nothing to lose but your pants!


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